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By Shpagin

The Tank Clashes East of Warsaw were a series of engagements between the Soviet’s  Second Tank Army and the German Army’s Thirty Ninth Panzer Corps that occurred as part of the Lublin-Brest Offensive from 29 July to 4 August 1944.  The clashes took place east of Warsaw in the areas of Radzymin, Wolomin, Okuniew, and Praga. It was largest that ever took place in Poland and rivaled in size many that took place on in Russian on the Eastern Front.  On the 69th Anniversary of this major battle that begins on 29 July, I am pleased to present you with the following:

   The following two 50 minute videos provide a narrative of this Large and little know tank battle with in game footage. Videos are best viewed in High Definition and with either German Beer or Russian Vodka:)  Credits and sources I used are shown in the credit section at the end of video 2:


 The following 20 Iron Front 1944 scenarios recreate this major tank battle, They are designed for online multi-play; but single players can have some fun with them as well.  They are capture and hold.  There is rapid travel for infantry at the battle map desk in the spawn site and for each objective captured by the friendly team.  If you do not want this, delete the map and desk unit on each objective. Tankers will spawn into a tank with an AI crew and respawn in same fashion.

   Time limit for each scenario is 40 minutes; but you may change this in the description.ext file to how long you desire.  I tried to limit the area for each scenario and include some environmental effects to make this seem like a true battle on the eastern front rather than folks individually running all over the place to try to find an enemy to fight.  War on the Eastern Front was large and fought by units, not a bunch of individuals.  Feel free to modify the scenarios to your liking.

Download Scenarios 1 - 10

Download Scenarios 11 - 20

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