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Extract the .pbo file(s) to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions
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Note2: Each mission can be played individually

The German forces have occupied the whole region for the past several months.
General Smernov, has ordered the 6th armored division to liberate Staszow
before the enemy can reinforce their position. The enemy is heavily defending
a supply depot in the center of town that is vital to our mission and must be captured.

Co-op 1-20

The General is assigning your team to recon salvage because you failed to secure Staszow.
Your sapper team must give sniper cover to the infantry team who must traverse the mine fields
and recover the four damaged tanks and return them to the repair yard behind the church outpost.
The general has made it very clear ! Do not return without the tanks.
Your men must use the cover of night to infiltrate the city before the Germans reinforce their positions.
Move fast to the church and capture the Germans ammo supply.

Co-op 1-20
You must return two POW's back to the frontline HQ in Staszow and also destroy the aircraft and all the German equipment at  the airfield
Travel south and Destroy the three enemy artillery bases using your Artillery and spotters to attack the enemy from long range
Man your Artillery and hold off the enemy assault. destroy the enemies frontline artillery and move into the forest and find the enemy HQ
With the success of our troops on the northern frontlines we have been able to re-establish our eastern airfield.
The general has assigned us to the airfield and ordered us to fly as many bomb runs as it takes to destroy all of the German aircraft at all cost. we must also stop the convoy approaching from the west before it can reinforce the enemy forces in Kurosweki. Our infantry must secure our airfield and attempt to rescue two pilots that have been shot down north of Kurozweki.
We have been re-deployed to find three king tigers sighted near Kurozweki. we must secure the airfield.
the general promises if your mission is successful you will have new tanks soon.
You must Deliver the Fuel-Ammo and Repair truck to the Russian Base north of Kurozweki. The Russians must deliver their trucks to the base north of Kurozweki. Your teams are split into separate groups as to protect your pilots and get them to the airfields - the pilots and their escorts start at the southern airbases and must drive their fuel trucks to the northern airbases to refuel their planes - the Germans have two pilots and two sniper paratroopers and three infantry to stop the convoy. the German paratroopers get automatically airdropped between the objectives.
The Germans have reinforced Kurosweki and are pushing us out of the valley.
Secure the Church in Kurozweki to halt the German attack.
Co-op 1-20
Your armor division must capture and secure the six towns to the west.
Co-op 1- 25

Destroy All your Enemies Assets and you will control the skies over Staszow

Co-op 1 - 42
Mayhem Style PvP

Both our armor divisions in the north and south are receiving heavy resistance we must push our infantry
through the middle of the enemy lines while our armor keeps them busy.

Drenched In Red
Co-op - 34
Our Armor must advance on the German offensive to keep the enemy tanks from over running our frontline artillery.
advance on the German artillery bases stationed to the west.

Iron Offensive
Co-op - 42
After fierce fighting on the northern flank our armor has been decimated. we must try and rescue as many of our comrades from the battlefield.
Your infantry must give cover to the medic team who will rescue the four MIA's and return them to the field hospital.
The Darkest Day
Co-op - 32
Paratroopers drop in behind enemy lines and capture strategic enemy positions
and infiltrate the Airfield.
Co-op 1-32
The Enemy is pushing through our frontlines around the Town of  Olgadeka.
Hold our lines at all cost and retake the Town.
Co-op 1-32

Seek out and Find the three enemy fuel bases hidden in the forest
to the west.

Co-op 1-32

Liberate the Stalag and free the POW's
Co-op 1-32
After Liberating the Stalag your men make their way to freedom
but on the way you have discovered a spy in your group
that must be dealt with before he escapes.
Co-op 1-32