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  • Ragnarok'44 Missions contains the @Ragnarok mod which is required for all other Ragnarok'44 missions
  • Ragnarok'44 requires IFA2 (Iron front mod in Arma2CO)
Ragnarok'44 Misc Files
This is the base mod that all Ragnarok'44 missions require, the mod itself adds nothing, and does nothing to the game, as its designed for and only works with the Ragnarok'44 missions.
 This is the manual that provides all information on how to play the Ragnarok'44 missions, how the functions and the controls in the mission.

A Singleplayer mission by IFR

Ragnarok'44 is RTS mission based on Window Of Opportunity "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb,
modified with his permission.
Your task here is to take enemy base. To do so you'll recruit troops, build and defend your own base, capture strategic points and assault on the AI opponent base to win the game.
AI leading Soviet side will try to do the same thing against you. AI has symmetrical possibilities and resources
(no any unfair advantages over player) except for the player's ability to place sandbag walls.

The download contains the following files:
  • -Ragnarok'44 Mission folder (mission inside)
  • -@Ragnarok '44 (mod folder with all required files)
  • -Ragnarok44 pdf readme (gives all the information about the mission)
  • -Ragnarok'44 Installation Readme

How it started
Rydygier and myself have been working on this since start of August 2013.
Initially I asked Rydygier if he would be interested in converting Mondkalb's WOO for Iron front and make it a sp mission where you can fight against the AI, he loved the idea and i set out and pm'd Mondkalb on BIS forums asking permission if we could convert/port the mission to Iron front, I had to explain about the conversion and so forth.
The name of the mission didn't come about til we completed the mission.
    Almost everyday we shared ideas and tested what Rydygier and I worked on, I give Rydygier most of the credit as I tested, reworded things based on proper English usage, and given some ideas on alot of the features of the mission, but he mostly rebuilt the whole mission from ground up, adding sounds, icons, new functionality ect,. pretty amazing stuff!!

@Ragnarok Mod - (included in original mission)

Other requirements
- IFA2 also known as Iron front in arma2OA

Rydygier - addons, scripts, building the Ragnarok'44 mission
Gunter Severloh - acquired permissions from Mondkalb, testing, ideas & feedback, editing, translation
Mondkalb - WOO - World of Opportunity

  • Now player incarnates as group leader when he gets into a tank and will be in the tank commander's seat, not driver's and can swap positions in the tank as usual can be done. (when was a driver in 1.14, I couldn't change seat in the Tiger for example).
  • Found and fixed error with heavy/very heavy tank allocations (AI was affected too - mistakes in function names).
  • Now, when you buy in Logistics HT/VHT allocation, go to the tank factory, additional tank button(s) should be visible now for Tiger (HT) and/or King Tiger (very HT). Driver's seat is unlocked now again, as this method to keep player inside failed anyway, and clicking on the vehicle should make you group leader instead of driver (if driver was a group leader, nothing changes). Still "not disembark the crew" iron rule is valid. Pity, thatyou canot change seat in the tank without disembarking, this spoils the only hope to swap role in the tank. Stay inside or do what you want on own risk.
  • Simple typo in trimming code, that breaks whole AI - all objectives are stored at the same flagpole now fixed.
  • Individual squads in a truck with other Ai squads in one truck can now disembark through the
chosen icon, example if you have mg squad and AT squad in opel blitz, and you click on the mgsquad and press disembark, they will disembark instead of who entered the truck first.
  • Hotfix for trimming code - two objectives should stay at both bases, isn't? SO this had to be corrected, as currently both are moved at nearest flagpole too
  • fixed disembarking driver issue
  • improved cargo transportation code to be more reliable
  • removed "exit vehicle" button from vehicle's side menu, if there is no cargo to disembark
  • fixed empty slot on quick group access icon list on screen, when group is deleted
  • locked driver position at vehicle spawn
  • locked whole vehicle if abandoned, thus assigned for deletion by Gravedigger function.
  • added objectives trimmer - now at init each BB objective is setpos-ed at closest flagpole position.(check, if this helps with yours non-advancing AI problems)
  • Reorganized the folder structure of the missions and files required for the mission, now all you need to do is move the @Ragnarok mod to your Arma2 directory, and put the mission in the missions folder, also included is a changelog.
  • initial release