Mission Repository

Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944  

An Rts (Real Time Strategy) Mission/Mode Rydygier and myself built back in 2013 for the

Iron Front in Arma2CO (IFA2) conversion now ported to Iron front in Arma3 IFA3!


What is Ragnarok'44?


Ragnarok'44 is RTS mission based on Window Of Opportunity "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb,

modified with his permission. Command, Build, Recruit, Capture, Incarnate, Seize & Destroy your enemy!



  • Command with a camera as a general pointing and clicking what and where you want your forces to go and do.
  • Build buildings which will allow you to recruit various types of infantry, vehicles, tanks, and static weapons.
  • Establish a logistics to gain better\faster resources, upgrade the level and skill of infantry, vehicles, and tankers, as well as increase efficiency of fuel, and ammo usage by the AI
  • Play as any of your forces in 1st/3rd person by incarnating into them, command a whole squad, be a lone soldier, play as a tanker, or just be a driver of a vehicle.
  • Capture strategic points on the battlefield which will earn you more resource points allowing you to build more forces and upgrade them.
  • Create your own Ragnarok'44 missions on the fly, and on any map!
  • Fight enemy AI Commander Hetman A3 (Artificial commander) that will seize strategic points, gather resources, build and deploy his own army, defend, and engage you!


For missions see the official release thread linked below:

Questions, problems, comments, or bug reports see the official Ragnarok'44 release thread: