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                                IFL44 Kelly's Heroes Co-op Mission Pack

             By ***=Major Mayhem=***

Join Pvt Kelly and his heroes as they cross enemy lines
and fight there way to Clermont in this 10 mission
 IFL44 campaign to retrieve the Germans stockpile of gold.

Kelly's Heroes Mission Pack

1. The Capture
2. Interrogation
3. Supply Run
4. The Gauntlet
5. Surprise party
6. Our Hero
7. Bridge Assault
8. Road to Clermont
9. Tiger Town


Commanding your units one at a time or the whole squad together.
you have the option of jumping between units and can play as each unit with Unit switch
Use the "T" key and select the unit of your choice from the list during the mission
use the "U" Key and the "Y" key to jump back and fourth between units during the mission
Use F1 through F12 keys to highlight each unit and give them commands such as
highlight the unit for instance unit F2 and press 1 then 6 to have them stop
highlight a unit and press 1 then 1 again to have them regroup
and so on, press 7 then 8 to have them go prone
press 7 then 7 again to have them crouch
press 7 then 6 to have them stand
press 7 then 2 to put them in danger mode
highlight a unit and use your mouse cursor to point
where you want a unit to move both in game and on the map.
use the "~" key to highlight and command all the units at once

Although all the missions are co-op based with these and other commands
you can also play out all these missions as a single player,
the final two missions can be played as TvT/Co-op or singleplayer

Rowdy's server hosting these missions is up and running 24/7 ip
Major Mayhem is hosting most weekends and evenings 10pm EST ip
join the battle.