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Important! All mods listed here require the IFA2 Conversion, IFA2 is Iron Front in Arma2CO, get more information here on how to set it up---->  LINK

Reduces blast radius of aerial bombs and HE ordnance for artillery, tank or static guns
 Default "homing bomb" behavior replaced by expected way of bomb falling
 Functional AI Artillery
 Artificial commander module
  • Nebelwerfer 42 - (can be found under West\Wehrmacht\static\Nebelwerfer42
  • Uses Artillerycomputer, no Artillery Module game logic needed, to order a nebelwerfer in your group to fire at a position, select the unit and chooses fire at location.
    Rocket flytime can be up to a minute, big spread, big dammage radius.
  • Fallshirmjager - (German Paratroopers of the German Branch of the Luftwaffe)
  • Fg42
  • Fg42 + zf4 + bipod
  • Granatbuechse 39 with SS pzgr 46 + SS pzgr 61 + Sprgr30 + ammocrate
  • Panzerfaust 60m + ammocrate
  • 97. Jäger Division - (97. Jäger Division, despite being a light infantry division one of the highest decorated formations of ww2.)
  • SS-Polizei Division - (Grenadier Division build of regular policeman.)
German Motorcycle with carriage
Respawn vehicles ingame with the module
A  placeable visual effect module, that tries to apply on screen original WW2 footage monochrome look.    Video

About Us - What is IFR - Iron Front Revival?

IFR is a name T_Roc and I (Gunter Severloh) coined in March 2013, IFR is short for Iron front Revival.
   The goal of the team as in our name was to revive Iron Front/DLC and bring it back to life.
Our team consists of fans of the game and of WW2 genre, the "fans" of the team have skills in scripting, coding, modelling, textures, skins, and many other things, together we have joined forces to better Iron front by fixing the game, and expanding it.
The team since the completion of our projects at the end of 2013 since disbanded, only a couple work on the IFA3 team.

The IFR Team 

  • Gunter Severloh - Mod Project Leader/ Administration/ Testing
  • T_Roc - Team Lead Developer/ Scripts/ configs/ modelling/ textures/ animations
  • Tay-UK - Administration/testing
  • Mlacix - Testing / Script helps (mostly related to missions)
  • Joarius - Texturing
  • Major Mayhem - Mission Maker/Scripter/Texturing/Mod Tester/Graphics
  • Barto - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • CAREEREVIL - Testing/historical accuracy
  • Fudge - Models/testing
  • [EVO] Dan - Scripting/testing
  • Scars09 - Scripts/ configs/ modelling
  • Rydygier - Scripter
  • DeadTomGC - Coding & Scripting
  • Lemmi242 - Modelling/Texturing/testing/Historian
  • Orlok - Bug hunting/feedback
  • PoorOldSpike - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • Proff3rtr - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • Heavy ax - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • Norrin - Scripts/ config.s/ modelling (3D Max and O2)/ basic textures/ animations
  • TurkishSoap - Texturing/ scripting/Historical accuracy/ testing

Released Projects

Released as of Dec 26th, 2013
Iron Front in Arma2CO & Arma3 as a mod
You can now play with Iron front in Arma2Co and in Arma3 as a mod, you can also mod and use
community mods to enhance your experience of Iron front, review this thread to get more information
on how this works: