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Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944  

An Overhaul mod for IFA2 created by Ethridge

About the mod

Iron Front: Rearmed (Formerly known as "Iron Front Overhaul Mod") is a mod made for IFA2. Designed for use with ACE,
Blastcore FX, and COSLX. It fixes a lot of the issues in IFA2 as well as changing and adding things for
 historical accuracy and realism.
Release Thread: - LINK


  • New Factions
  • New interaction features - (Smoking cigarettes, interaction with vehicles/weapons, etc. Maybe...)
  • Changes to default maps and/or new maps - (Maybe)
  • German western front/late war units - (Coming soon)
  • Winter and African Theater units - (Winter units coming soon)
  • New units
  • Accurate organization for groups
  • Improved default missions and new ones - (Coming soon)
  • Compatibility with Task Force Radio mod - (Coming soon)
  • Compatibility with ACE mod
  • Accurate weapons
  • New classes such as the much needed ammo bearer and assistant machine-gunner - (Done for U.S., other factions coming soon)
  • Retextured infantry.
  • Accurate infantry loadouts
  • Lots of fixes - (Weapon sounds, explosions, etc.)
  • New Effects - (Gunsmoke, explosions, etc.)
  • Realistic sounds
  • Accurate faction names
  • Accurate infantry names
  • Accurate weapon and vehicle names
  • Custom loading screen 



TurkishSoap - [For his "Soap Sound Mod" to build upon]

Iron Front Revival Team - [For the "New Units & Weapons Mod" to be included]

{RP}Alan - [For various tank sounds and skins]