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1.06 and 1.01 DLC
  • Based on the unpublished AWAR 1.06 patch
  • Hundreds of improvements and fixes
  • New: Air Force units by Lennard
  • New: stormtrooper tank units by Stagler
  • New: Polish guerrilla units by Panzer_Baron - AWAR Dev
  • New: Improved explosion effects by SofD - AWAR Dev
  • New: reload animation for Garandgewehr
  • Rapid fire mode for M1918A2 BAR
  • German infantry models improved
  • U.S. Infantry models improved
  • Various models of weapons improved
  • Various vehicle models improved
  • Various performance and netcode improvements
  • Updated and additional unit groups for the editor
  • Improved animations for vehicle crews
  • The towing of artillery improved
  • Fixed some weapon names / descriptions
  • And a lot more!


  • AWAR - created the base of the 1.06 patch
  • kju - enduring dedication and lots of time spent to get all parties to approve the project, getting the source files, lots of fixing and optimization, setting up a project space, managing the project, distributing test versions on a constant basis, finally building the patch and making this all possible
  • norrin - setting up the test plan and fixing various issues
  • Gunter Severloh - DLC testing, setting up a patch progress file list
  • Major Mayhem and his group - multiplayer testing
  • scars09, norrin, Heavyax - weapons testing/fixes
  • Rydygier - testing the pak, arty, flakvierling, and guerrilla units
  • Joarius - testing the tanks
  • Poor Old Spike - promotional shots
  • Lennard - created the luftwaffe units
  • Stagler - created the stormtrooper tank units
  • OMAC - providing several campaign fixes

More details at: https://dev.withsix.com/versions/1499

Visit the Iron Front fans forum for more information and promotion screenshots.

1.07 and 1.02 DLC
  • Added: Polish troops with clothing (A3 only).
  • Fixed: Cars are indestructible.
  • Fixed: Secondary explosions of tanks are created multiple times in some cases.
  • Fixed: Mines are causing massive RPT spam and slowdowns.
  • Fixed: Error with the Panzershreck smoke trail in Arma 2.
  • Fixed: Market object can cause visual glitch in A2:CO.
  • Fixed: Omaha map has Polish placenames.

More details at: https://dev.withsix.com/versions/1568

1.08 and 1.03 DLC
  • Added: Make DLC weapons support A3 muzzle flashes.
  • Added: Make DLC weapons support A3 effects.
  • Fixed: Cars are indestructable under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Market object crashes the game in A2:CO.

More details at: https://dev.withsix.com/versions/1571

1.09 and 1.04 DLC
  • Added: Convert tanks to use new PhysX simulation (PzKpfw IV Ausf.H, PzKpfw V Ausf.A Panther, SPG StuG III Ausf.G).
  • Added: Convert cars to use new PhysX simulation (Kubelwagen, Willys MB, Scout M3, Studebaker US6, ZiS-5V).
  • Fixed: materials parameters are not applied to infantry weapons.
  • Fixed: LIB_M1A1_Bazooka crashes the game.
  • Fixed: Tank gun reticles are not working.
  • Fixed: Lack of viewfinder adjustment device GUI element for gunner optics view: PaK40, ZiS-3, StuG-III.
  • Fixed: As infantry one still has the old weapon interface.
  • Fixed: Grenade type is not shown in the top right display.
  • Fixed: Third person view camera angle of infantry is different to Iron Front standalone.
  • Fixed: Artillery disappears after hitching.
  • Fixed: Missing Sound Details in Trigger Effects.

More details at: https://dev.withsix.com/versions/1611

1.10 and 1.05 DLC
  • Added: more converted wheeled models to use new PhysX simulation (BM13 'Katyusha', Opel Blitz family, Studebaker US6 (Open), ZiS-5V (Repair), ZiS-5V (Fuel), ZiS-5V (Ambulance)) (tierprot).
  • Added: Soviet PL-1 Parachute - classes: B_LIB_Parachute_PL, Lib_sov_Parachute_F (Kostya).
  • Changed: improved wheeled models (tierprot).
  • Changed: improved PhysX behavior of cars (tierprot).
  • Changed: improved sounds of cars (tierprot).
  • Changed: added exhausts for cars (tierprot).
  • Changed: epeImpulseDamageCoef for cars (tierprot).
  • Changed: added Shield useraction for LIB_Scout_m3 (tierprot).
  • Changed: improved tank models (Shvetz).
  • Changed: improved PhysX for tanks (Shvetz).
  • Changed: improved sounds for tanks (Shvetz).
  • Changed: added new AnimationSource for PzKpfwV (Shvetz).
  • Changed: updated textures of PzKpfwIV_H (Shvetz).
  • Changed: sound volume of vehicle weapons (Shvetz).
  • Changed: magazine reload sound volume of infantry weapons (tierprot).
  • Changed: LIB_PISTOL inheritance.
  • Fixed: path to sky textures.
  • Fixed: floating DLC/US vehicles.
  • Fixed: disabled RenderTargets for cars not yet converted.
  • Fixed: disabled all old sound definitions of cars.
  • Fixed: Li-2 cannot use PhysX simulation yet as the model is not yet adjusted.

More details at: https://dev.withsix.com/versions/1614

Special mentioning: Virtual Soviet Army [BCA] and especially lyotchik-sniper for big assistance!

1.11 and 1.06 DLC
  • Fixed: [Workaround] Opening the campaign or scenario selection crashed the game.

1.12 and 1.07 DLC
  • Added: More converted tank models to use new PhysX simulation (SPG SU-85, JS-122 '43, PzKpfw VI Ausf.B Kingtiger) (Shvetz).
  • Added: New US infantry models by LODU (tierprot).
  • Added: New backpack models by LODU to German infantry (tierprot).
  • Changed: Transmissions, suspension, some motor parameters, parameters of wheels (for better braking when idle) and more for all tanks (Shvetz).
  • Changed: Tweaked volume and distance of tank sounds (Shvetz).
  • Changed: Configure backpacks to A3 standards (tierprot).
  • Changed: Separate animations to their own containers.
  • Changed: Add icons to factions (Keeway).
  • Changed: Add terrain pictures (Keeway).
  • Changed: Improved Polish translation (Keeyway).
  • Changed: Sorted 'updating class' rpt spam for the most part.
  • Changed: Sorted 'Error: Bone (more) doesnt exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton' rpt spam for the most part.
  • Changed: Show DLC version in the main menu.
  • Fixed: Panzerschreck crashes game (Alwarren).
  • Fixed: Tank sounds is broken when in 1st person and the engine is on (Shvetz).
  • Fixed: All the units (all IF factions) got the exact same face (RobertoCro).
  • Fixed: Polish sniper clothing cannot get changed or taken back on (tierprot).
  • Fixed: LIB_guer_characters helmet and vest class names are faulty (tierprot).

More details at: https://dev.withsix.com/versions/1643

1.13 and 1.08 DLC
  • Added: Support for galzohar's wind ballistics mod. (Shvetz)
  • Changed: Add version number for IFA3 in the main menu.
  • Changed: Improve Zeus compatibility for IFA3.
  • Changed: Adjust zoom of SVT_40. (Shvetz)
  • Changed: Limit load for radios and paradrop backpacks. (Prarock)
  • Changed: Set mass to mines and related equipment. (Prarock)
  • Changed: Add short names of throwable items for top right weapon/magazine display. (Shvetz)
  • Changed: Add silenced sound mode for LIB_M9130. (Shvetz)
  • Changed: Make dead crew get auto ejected from static weapons. (Shvetz)
  • Changed: Reduce rpt spam from UI classes.
  • Changed: Set author tag in LIB/IF classes.
  • Fixed: Silent AI team members in IFA2 - no voice order issuing nor confirmations.
  • Fixed: GER and SOV faction speak only English in IFA3.
  • Fixed: AT mines are not getting triggered by tanks. Most AP mines just disappear without any effect. (Prarock)
  • Fixed: Drop of equipped sapper tools causes mines to disappear from inventory. (Prarock)
  • Fixed: Taking mines from crates is not working correctly. (Prarock)
  • Fixed: Panzerschreck has no reload animation. (Shvetz)
  • Fixed: When object gets towed, it disappears under certain conditions. (Adanteh)
  • Fixed: Reload animation of launchers is bugged. (Shvetz)
  • Fixed: Smoke grenade of RKKA side gets replaced by standard A3 model. (tierprot)
  • Fixed: Faction icon for US army is wrong. (Keeway)