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[IFA3] Blitzkriegby Kju

Happy to introduce you Blitzkrieg for Arma 3.
From small to large scale, both action packed and tactical battles with up to 32on32 players
in a dynamic environment that focus on teamplay and mission objectives!

The highlights:

To get a quick idea of the game mode basics,
check out our A&S ProMode video channel at vimeo.

To learn more head over to the PvPscene wiki and
read our extensive documentation in the A&S ProMode articles (WIP).

Available topics:

  • Beginners guide
  • Features
  • Key differences to AAS core
  • Did you know?
  • Hints
  • HUD explained (Head-up display)
  • Specific keyboard controls
  • Blocked key actions
  • Mission parameters

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### Blitzkrieg GameMode - Scenario [SP] ###
### Blitzkrieg GameMode - RandomMode [SP] ###

Thank you!

Feedback and questions are very welcome!

For reference: A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode thread