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 Features on our server:

 Realism. we strive to create an atmosphere of actual combat during the war, so the imposed restrictions:

  • - On the map does not indicate the location of the players.
  • - On a mission is given only one life, no respawn.
  • - Communication between the players realistic: there is no chat. you hear those who are close to you, and as you can communicate by radio. implemented by the plugin.
  • - Disabled badge sight, death reports, 3rd person view...
  • - Melee atack

We adhere prinipe fair play and respect for all the players.

  • - The use of bugs, cheats, trainers, codes in any form is prohibited
  • - Banned insults, flame, trolling and more.
  • - Intentional TKs punishable ban

Discipline, organization.

  • - All players will be divided into groups, which will manage the commanders. Commanders decide the tasks set by the commander.
  • - Participants should follow the instructions of the commander

  All players and groups are welcome!

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