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Missions Repository FAQ

This FAQ lists various questions and answers about the site to help answer

any questions you may have.

If a question you have is not listed here then contact me either through

pm or use the Help section of the forums.

General Questions

General Questions

  1. What do the numbers next to each page mean?

    They are the total number of missions listed and downloadable for that mission type.

    Refer to this thread for more information:


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Finding Missions

  1. How do I find a mission?

    On the front page of the site on the menu are several links pages based on the type of mission you are looking for, for example if your looking for a singleplayer mission you would  click on Singleplayer.

    Map listings

    The other feature seen on some of the pages for listed missions is missions listed by map. If you wanted to play  certain missions on a particular map then all you would need to do is click on the picture of the map you want, and then it would take you to  page for missions listed for that map.


  2. How do I know when a particular mission was added to the site?

    News of the mission is posted on the MR News page when the mission is listed.

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Downloading Missions

  1. If I want to download a mission what do i do?

    The title of a mission is the download link, just click on the title of the mission you want and then a window will showup on your screen asking what you want to do, choose "Save As"

    and you will start downloading the mission.

  2. What file format do missions come in?

    Missions themselves will come in either a .IFA .pbo or a zip file.

    .IFA files are for the vanilla Iron front game.

    .pbo files are for the arma2 and arma3 mod versions of Iron front.

    zip is a general compression file that makes larger files smaller, once unzipped as its commonly reffered to then the compressed file is uncompressed and the files are extracted, or availaible.

  3. How do I install a mission once I have downloaded it?

    • For the Conversion missions they will be in a form of a pbo
    • For vanilla  Iron Front the mission file will be in the form of an IFA (same as a pbo just named different)
    • For a pbo if its a singleplayer mission then it needs to be moved to the Arma2\missions folder, if its a mp mission such as a coop then the mission needs to be moved to the mpmissions folder.
    • For IFA files which are Iron Front files, the mission will be the same as above except the main folder is Iron Front - Liberation 1944 instead of Arma2.
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