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Sander's Coop Mission Pack updated!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on February 1, 2015 at 8:05 PM

Sander from the IF Fan Forums updated his Coop Mission pack


Version 1.8 contains updates to several existing missions as well as five new coops which brings the total included in the pack to 30.


New files: co05_katzenfrendlichkeit.Staszow.ifa


co08_first_class_struggle.ivachev,ifa co08_sprengkraftausdruck.ivachev.ifa co08_walther_white_car.Colleville,ifa


Katzenfreundlichkeit has a Tiger crew knock out AT guns and armour before assisting Wehrmacht reinforcements in clearing Soviets from a town.

Batter Posts features an ambush and raiding actions by Soviet reconnaissance troops behind enemy lines.

First Class Struggle has Soviet troops defeat a German attack before clearing an enemy position and capturing a fuel truck.

Sprengkraftausdruck has a German rifle squad destroy Soviet ammunition supplies and fuel trucks before seizing a Soviet scout car.

Walther White Car has an American squad indulge in some souvenir hunting in addition to knocking out a StuG and mobile Flak.


Get more info about the mission Pack here: Link



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