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IFA3 Lite Preview v22 Hotfix 2 Released

Posted by Ethridge on July 22, 2017 at 10:10 AM

The IFA3 Lite Team have released a new version of the IFA3 Lite Preview, the second hotfix for v22.

See the release thread for more details.




Preview v22 hotfix 2 is out







  • Added: louder M1 Garand Ping sound variant for optics views and third person view.
  • Improved: increased volumne of M1 Garand Ping sound for optics views and third person view.
  • Fixed: missing variable renaming for static line eject script.
  • Improved: static line coding further to work also with AI.
  • Added: Jeep Scout Squad in Motorised group for US.
  • Added: Created Light tank group with M3A3 Stuart Platoon and M8 Greyhound Patrol.
  • Added: M4A3 76 Tank Platoon in Medium Tanks.
  • Fixed: group setup for US Airborne.
  • Fixed: missing faction tag in group name.
  • Fixed: Missing closing bracket in cfgGroups.
  • Fixed: GAZ M1 engine position in Extended HUD thanks to zhaleks.

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