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IFA3 Lite Preview v21 Hotfix 2 Released

Posted by Ethridge on June 7, 2017 at 12:20 AM

The IFA3 Lite Team have released a new version of the IFA3 Lite Preview, The 2nd hotfix for v21.

See the release thread for more details.




Preview v21 hotfix 2 - 2017-06-05

  • Added: Pegasus Bridge!
  • Added: New foxholes (lush/winter/desert).
  • Fixed: removed APEX dependency from Faction US showcase mission.
  • Fixed: missing overviewPicture in Airdrop showcase.
  • Fixed: faulty magazine in equipment of units for M1908 pistol.
  • Fixed: SdKfz 251 had no ammunitions.
  • Fixed: Prioritized 100rnd belts for tripod mounted MGs.
  • Fixed: trenches shadows issue (converted to visualex sbsource).
  • Fixed: LODs not ordered by face count - characters clothing.
  • Improved: C-47 is less likely to dive when flying straight.
  • Improved: control room texture.
  • Improved: Airdrop showcase presentation.
  • Improved: overviewText in Airdrop showcase.
  • Changed: tweaked and improved Airdrop showcase mission by Jaki.
  • Changed: speaker from ENGB to ENG in Airdrop showcase.
  • Updated: names in dialogs.
  • Removed: I44 Dessi's foxhole.



Release Thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/190809-iron-front-in-arm3-lite-preview-versions/

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