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Ragnarok '44 IFA3 Updated

Posted by Ethridge on February 12, 2017 at 6:20 AM

A new version of "Ragnarok '44" for IFA3 has been released.

See the release thread for download and more details.




After several months, Rydygier was able to get some freetime to Fix/update the issues in the mission.

please note that there may still be some issues with the mission/mode so if you think you have run across any please report them on the release thread!



- Heavy & Very Heavy tank allocation buttons/functions not working

- Script-related message for tank factory

- Enemy commander doesn't deploy a static mortar

- Red Icons for soldiers (circle), transports, halftracks, and tanks (sideways diamond) for the enemy dont show on map when your forces see them nearby


Fixed & rebuilt

- Enemy AI commander create many transport trucks/ambulances instead of a balanced number with more tanks/infantry


Rydygier comment

Hopefully fixed. In fact, base managing AI was redone in some parts, for better, I hope.



- Transporting troops (embarking/disembarking in combat)

- Enemy AI seems not aggressive enough, and or doesn't not deploy enough forces

Rydygier comment

Hopefully improved. Added second sub-leader to enable simultaneous attacking two flags etc. Known is rare circumstance,


when AI may stuck during flag taking progress


(when for any reason further flag is taken before actual targeted flag, reasons stay unclear so far).



- player incarnated as driver before when he gets into a tank, now incarnates as Commander, which will give you command and access to all other seats



- Crows & flies over dead bodies to save performance.


Missions with all Changes/fixes & updates applied

- Ragnarok'44 Demo - (now version 1.3)

- Ragnarok'44 City Under Duress - (now version 1.1)

- Ragnarok'44 Ivachev Clash - (now version 1.1)


Release Thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/topic/196146-sp-ragnarok44/

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