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IFA3 Lite Preview v15 Hotfix 1 Released

Posted by Ethridge on December 31, 2016 at 12:15 AM

The IFA3 Lite Team have released a new version of the IFA3 Lite Preview.

See the release thread for details and a changelog.


Preview v15 hotfix 1 is out

Updated link to mega and google in the first post.

Steam and withSIX are already updated.


  • Added: FFV and windshield animation for Willys Jeep.
  • Updated: maxHorizontalRotSpeed to more realistic configuration thanks to Rowdy!
  • Fixed: shadow lod issue on german soldier_camo5.
  • Fixed: obsolete flags removed/trailing spaces in named property.
  • Fixed: invincible M3 Half Track gunner.
  • Fixed: faulty class= tag in the header (Structures/Buildings2_m/WW2_DLC1_Apteka_ruins.p3d).
  • Changed: duplicate p3d name to unique name (Structures/Trenches_m/WW2_StasoGrass.p3d to WW2_StasoGrass2.p3d).
  • Removed: obsolete faulty damageResistance value for Pz IV H.
  • Removed: obsolete damageResistance value.



Release Thread

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