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Sturmtroopers Mission Series Released

Posted by Ethridge on November 27, 2016 at 2:50 PM

***=Major Mayhem=*** has released "Sturmtroopers Mission Series", a single player/co-op mission series for IF.

See the release thread for more details. 




Join Ranks for the toughest Battle on the Iron Front in Major Mayhems Sturmtrooper Series
                    - Recommended for all tankers and hardcore WWII fans alike -

01. Dusk To Dawn
02. Break The Line
03. Wrecking Crew
04. Longest Hour
05. Hornets Nest
06. Osowka Pass
07. Day Breakers
08. Pushing Iron
09. Wrecking Crew II
10. 13 Kilometers
11. Fields Of Glory
12. Northern Operations
13. Tigers Blood
14. Kings Reign
15. Eviction
16. Danger Close
17. Moon Over Staszow
18. Dead Man March
19. Red Rain
20. The Lost Patrol
21. Storm Front
22. The Rescue

Major Mayhem

although all the missions are co-op based with these and other commands
you can also play out all these missions as a single player.

Commanding your units one at a time or the whole squad together
you have the option of jumping between units and can play as each unit with Unit switch
Use the "T" key and select the unit of your choice from the list during the mission
use the "U" Key and the "Y" key to jump back and fourth between units during the mission
Use F1 through F12 keys to highlight each unit and give them commands such as
highlight the unit for instance unit F2 and press 1 then 6 to have them stop
highlight a unit and press 1 then 1 again to have them regroup
and so on, press 7 then 8 to have them go prone
press 7 then 7 again to have them crouch
press 7 then 6 to have them stand
press 7 then 2 to put them in danger mode
highlight a unit and use your mouse cursor to point
where you want a unit to move both in game and on the map.
use the "~" key to highlight and command all the units at once



Release Thread

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