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IFL44 Co-op Mission Pack Updated

Posted by Ethridge on October 26, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Sander has updated his IFL44 Co-op Mission Pack for IF.

See the release thread for more details.





EDIT *: V4.12 contains two minor alterations to the new missions to fix a typo and add redundancy to a trigger set up for an objective, so it would be necessary to redownload the file to get the latest version

Version 4.1 adds five new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 115. Aside from these additions this version also contains minor updates to several existing files.

New content:


Fours Multiplier has Allied tankers defeat a German attack before capturing a strongpoint
Heavy Duty features an attack by Soviet armour to defeat German heavy tanks and seize and hold a nearby village.
Kesseltreiben has German assault guns obliterate a covering force and destroy withdrawing Soviets.
Kampfabschnittsweise features an advance by Panzergrenadiers involving the removal of obstacles and AT-guns before clearing a village.
Kraut out has Allied armoured infantry knock out a field gun and armour before securing Colleville.




Release Thread



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