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IFA3WarMod v1.12 Released

Posted by Ethridge on September 6, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Gunter Severloh has released a new version of IFA3WarMod

See the release thread for more details




This version of IFA3WarMod is a rebuild of the mod,
The mod started with full version 1.6 and then all patches to v1.11 were applied from there
the following things were done:

  • Updated all ace files to the latest version
  • Updated few mods to their latest versions
  • tweaked userconfig

Removed the following files:

  • ada_weaponsfatigue_if -  this was based on the new mg's but did not work anymore
  • Bullet_Hits_Value  -    this was for tank/at rockets penetration values, IFA3 Lite has it better
  • Damage  -        failed to work
  • GL5_Radio_Chatter -   did not work and when it did was not immersive
  • ifa3_ammorepack -   failed to work
  • IFA3_core -           spitting up errors
  • ifa3_dispersion -     failed to work
  • ifa3_mines -     worked with IFA3 Core, cause issues and error was coming up
  • IFA3_newbox -    new ammo box fails to appear ingame now
  • ifa3_pz3 -   New tanks, these are the panzer 3's all their gun sites are broke, missing textures, and no sound for mgs
  • ifa3_recoil -   Ace already has something for recoil, this file is redundant plus it didn't work
  • ifa3_weapons - Some of the new weapons, they have missing/broken textures, and a couple distort the character model
  • ifa3_weaponsdamage -    Had to do with grenades, grenades were fixed in IFA3 Lite so this file is redundant
  • mags -    used by the new weapons
  • mines -  Did not work
  • ragdols - Does not work anymore
  • sakueditor -  This file does not work, it was built for the editor before Eden
  • sakumapinventory -  Same as above
  • slx_cloud
  • slx_effects
  • slx_explosiondust -  Does not work
  • tb_cargo_if -   redundant
  • vehicles_optic -   not needed

Mod performs better, errors removed except two which are based on IFA3 Lite compatibility.



Release Thread                

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