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[COOP 14] Fox Green Mission Released

Posted by Ethridge on June 14, 2016 at 1:10 PM

Stagwine has released his "Fox Green" mission for IFA3 Lite.



Omaha Beach. June 6, 1944.France. D-Day is here! You are landing as part of 16th RCT to beach FOX GREEN in the second wave. News from the first wave are already grim, and as your landing craft becomes stuck at a flood gate, it is about to get worse.

The beach is well defended. Germans knows you are coming. Every inch of the beach is under fire. Unless you exit the beach fast, your personal second front will become to a very quick end...



- Omaha beach scenario!

- COOP up to 14 players

- Dedicated / Hosted compatible

- Zeus integration! Spice the landing and rest of the scenario for your comrades (optional. With Z mission is for 15).

- Grp respawn, Psycho revive.

- FHQ Tasktracker, Tonic viewdistance

- Custom voicework and battlefield sounds.


SP mode should be available again, although I still recommend MP with your buddies. 


Please keep in mind the IFA3 is still in alpha and is a preview version. It has many bugs. Please report them to IFA3 team rather than in this thread (check relevant forum/thread in their ws page).




IFA3 Lite Preview




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