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IFA3 Dust CTI Updated

Posted by Ethridge on June 6, 2016 at 2:20 AM

theOden has updated his "Dust CTI" multiplayer mission for IFA3.




Classic Conquer The Island mission now in ArmA3 reworked state.

No Base, No Factories and you need to control all towns to win.

(you still get to build stuff in town centers or at roadblocks)


4 versions so far, Staszow normal and one for WarModSA (RedArmy/Wehrmacht) and Stratis plus OmahaBeach/Colleville featuring Wehrmacht and US Army.


Read all about in ingame map menu under "About". Well almost all, the rest you need to figure out as you go.


Drop files in "MPMissions" folder for multiplayer or in "missions" for singleplayer.


Built and tested in the previous IFA3 but a few quick runs with the new LITE it seems to work ok but I bet you will get some errors sometime.


As always with CTI missions, they run best on dedicated servers.




Release Thread:



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