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[IFA3] COOP10 - The hostages of Pyrgos

Posted by Ethridge on June 2, 2016 at 2:20 PM

OuedMeliz01 has released his IFA3 "Hostages Of Pyrgos" Co-op mission.



The Hostages of Pyrgos


You and your german team must enter into Pyrgos and escape with the hostages. The hostages must be alive.


This mission is for 10 players on german side against the soviet units. At the base you have virtual arsenal and respawn.


This mission uses the Wounding System by [TcB]-Psycho, CBA3 and Iron Front in Arma 3.

Required Mods

•CBA 3

•Iron Front in Arma 3 Lite


1.Reach the government district of Pyrgos

2.Free the german officer hostages

3.Escape from the time with the officers (officers must be alive)


Steam Workshop Link:


Release Thread:



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