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IFA3WarMod Patch v1.10 Released

Posted by Ethridge on May 31, 2016 at 11:40 AM

- Added Mocap Melee - (Allows you to punch, kick, rifle butt, and do takedowns on your enemies)
- Added single and auto Selective Fire modes for Mp28
- Added single and auto Selective Fire modes for Mp35
- Added - Mp41r Inherits modes from LIB_PPSh41_m (keeps mp41r sound)

- Updated Blood Lust v2.2 (latest)
(this mod adds blood, bleeding, blood splatter, gibs, and other misc gore)

- Fixed Missing textures for the M1 Garand & Carbine (only if missing)
- Fixed reload sound for K98
- Fixed reload sound for Mosin Nagant - (IFA3_core.pbo)
- Fixed Mg34 sound - (if_weapon1.pbo)

- Removed "lib_5Rnd_792x57_wood" - (IFA3_newbox.pbo)
- Removed model - "\AiA_Weapons_IF\mags\lib_mg42_mag.p3d"; (p3d file missing)



See the link for download:

IFA3WarMod Release

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