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IFA3WarMod Patch v1.5 released!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on January 1, 2016 at 9:25 PM

IFA3WarMod patch v1.5 has been released!

this will patch the mod to v1.5

IFA3WarMod Changelog

v1.5 - January 1st, 2016


- added new weapon FG42 German: Fallschirmjägergewehr 42, "paratrooper rifle 42"


IFA3WarMod Patch v1.5 (4.2mb)

IFA3WarMod release Thread

Patch notes and demonstration

The Fg42 is a model created by my former IFR team (IFR=Iron Front Revival)

back in 2013 for IFA2, recently a friend had worked ported it to Arma3 for IFA3.

Credits go to Riksen for the port, and to Scars09 for his Fg42.

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