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Sander Updated his IF Coop Mission pack to 3.4!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on December 29, 2015 at 5:35 PM

Sander has updated his If coop mission pack for standalone Iron front to 3.4!

Version 3.4 contains a couple of updated files as well as four new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 88.


New files:


  • co05_konterschlaganfall.Staszow.ifa
  • co05_tank_drama.Staszow.ifa
  • co08_gefechtsstandesbewusst.Baranow.ifa
  • co10_german_reformed.Baranow.ifa


=Konterschlaganfall has a German Panzer crew regain possession of captured support vehicles before defeating Soviet tanks and destroying a command post.

=Tank Drama features clearing actions by Soviet tankers before repelling a counter-attack and striking against a Luftwaffe airfield.

=Gefechtsstandesbewusst has Wehrmacht grenadiers seize intelligence and blow up heavy tanks before withdrawal to friendly lines.

=German Reformed features an attack by Red Army riflemen to clear three blocking positions on the road towards the pontoon bridge.


IF Coop Mission Pack

More info can be found here on his release thread

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