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[GR]Daz released his IFA3 Insurgency Mission!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on December 19, 2015 at 9:55 PM

[GR]Daz released his IFA3 insurgency Mission

Official Website: http://ifa3insurgency.webs.com/

Public Server Running This Mission:


  • Reviving System - This means once you are shot you can be revived
  • Recruitment System - You can recruit AI to join your mission.
  • VAS - Graphical Settings - This means you can tune your graphics to reduce lag.
  • Admin Panel - This means you can spawn and have godmode and many other features.
  • Groups - You can recruit players into your group
  • Dynamic AI - This means Dynamic AI are randomly spawning in some areas that are sent to stop you capturing the objectives.
  • Zeus Module For Admins - This means admins can implement there own ideas into the game.
  • Side Missions - This means there are objectives other than insurgency objectives
  • Air Drops - This means you can parachute into places hard to reach by vehicle or foot.


IFA3 Insurgency - MP

IFA3 Insurgency Snow - MP

Release thread

Note - this is for IFA3 (Iron front in Arma3)

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