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Sander updated his Coop Mission Pack!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on June 6, 2015 at 12:25 PM

Sander recently released his updated version of his vanilla IF Coop mission pack!



Version 2.5 contains a couple of updates as well as five new missions to bring the total of coops in the pack to 53.


New files:


  • co05_kingslayer.Staszow.ifa
  • co06_stalinorgelpart.Staszow.ifa
  • co08_staff_ride.Staszow.ifa
  • co08_white_russian.Staszow.ifa
  • co10_verspaeteter_zug.Staszow.ifa


Kingslayer has a Soviet tank crew defeat German armour before clearing a village of enemy troops

Stalinorgelpart features a raid by German grenadiers to knock out a rocket battery and AA guns

Staff Ride has a Soviet assault gun deal with tanks and PAK guns before capturing an enemy commander

White Russian features a motorised raid by Soviet scouts against various targets in the German rear

Verspaeteter Zug has a German StuG and grenadiers destroy enemy armour and capture a village


Coop Mission Pack


Note: this mission pack is for vanilla Iron front not IFA2, or IFA3.

If you want to play with the mission pack in IFA2 then just rename the .IFA to .pbo on the extention of the mission file.


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