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Sander's Coop Mission Pack updated!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on March 26, 2015 at 9:45 AM

Sander has recently updated his IF44 Coop Mission Pack to v2.2


Version 2.2 has a few updates and adds two new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 42.


New files:


  • co06_crash_pad.Baranow.ifa
  • co08_sprengkoerperbehindert.Staszow.ifa


Crash Pad has Soviet scouts destroy plane wreckage before liberating a captured pilot.

Sprengkoerperbehindert features a hasy defence by German grenadiers against Soviet attacks.




Note: this mission pack is for Vanilla Iron front, as the missions files use the .ifa extention on them.

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