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Sander's Coop Mission Pack updated!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on February 22, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Sander's Coop Mission Pack Updated!

Version 2.0 contains a couple of updates to existing files as well as three new missions to bring the total of coops included in the pack to a total of 38.


New files:





Double Crossroad has a Sherman crew defeat approaching German armour and infantry before clearing two enemy held crossroads.

Feldgraue Ferne has German grenadiers stop a Soviet attack before recapturing an abandoned medium tank and getting it across the river.

Town Order has Soviet infantry attack the town of Baranow in order to clear machinegun positions, a PAK and command post.

Download here



* Had to apply fix to one of the files, version 2.01 uploaded in the mean time *

Note: this is for vanilla Iron front not IFA2, or IFA3 Conversions!


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