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Sander's Coop Mission Pack updated!

Posted by Gunter Severloh on February 14, 2015 at 9:50 AM

Sander from the IF Fan Forums updated his Coop Mission pack.

Version 1.9 contains minor corrections to a couple of existing files as well as five new missions to bring

the total number of coops included in the pack to 35.


New files:


  • co05_medium_rare.Colleville.ifa
  • co06_frequency_redistribution.Staszow.ifa
  • co08_flugbehinderung.Staszow.ifa
  • co08_ueberfallgesetz.Staszow.ifa
  • co10_impermissible_fours.Staszow.ifa


Medium Rare has a Sherman crew engage and destroy German armour and motorised transport.

Frequency Redistribution features a Soviet raid to capture a new German radio.

Flugbehinderung has German grenadiers raid a Soviet airfield.

Ueberfallgesetz features a raid by German infantry on a Soviet artillery unit.

Impermissible Fours has Soviet riflemen ambush enemy reinforcements before capturing a village and defeating a counter-attack.


Note: These are vanilla IF missions! only IFA extentions work in the vanilla game!


Get more info about the mission Pack here: Link





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