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Ragnorok '44 Core Update!

Posted by Foxsch on February 10, 2014 at 6:15 AM

Ragnorok '44 - Core Update

The core of the Ragnorok '44 mission has been updated

Download:  Ragnarok'44 [v1.15] original mission

(required as it has the mod you need to play any new versions)


  • v1.15: Now player incarnates as group leader when he gets into a tank and will be in the tank commander's seat, driver's and can swap positions in the tank as usual can be done. (when was a driver in 1.14, I couldn't change seat in the Tiger for example).


  • v1.14: Found and fixed error with heavy/very heavy tank allocations (AI was affected too - mistakes in function names). Now, when you buy in Logistics HT/VHT allocation, go to the tank factory, additional tank button(s) should be visible now for Tiger (HT) and/or King Tiger (very HT). Driver's seat is unlocked now again, as this method to keep player inside failed anyway, and clicking on the vehicle should make you group leader instead of driver (if driver was a group leader, nothing changes). Still "not disembark the crew" iron rule is valid. Pity, thatyou canot change seat in the tank without disembarking, this spoils the only hope to swap role in the tank. Stay inside or do what you want on own risk.


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