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Ragnorok Mission The Szydlow Stalemate

Posted by Foxsch on February 2, 2014 at 7:40 PM

New Ragnarok Mission - The Szydlow Stalemate

This is a version of Ragnarok mission located in the city of Szydlow located on the NW side of the Staszow map, the objectives are close in an area of the city and surrounding it,the battle will create a stalemate where either side cant seem to advance after capturing 3+ objectives for both sides, your strategy should be to overcome the enemies positions and take the objectives they hold and break the stalemate.


The mission can be intense as the Russians take almost more then 3 objectives even before you get any troops or tanks to the city, as you know with Ragnarok you have the option to direct your forces from the map, the live 2d map, or you can choose an individual solder and fight the battle on the ground yourself from the soldiers perspective, or even take over a tank. When I was play testing the mission I found myself being a soldier on the ground many times just to prevent the enemy from taking an area, mission can be intense but its not hard, its a lot of fun!


Move the Rk'44-The_Szydlow_Stalemate.Staszow.pbo to your missions folder located in your Arma2 directory.



-@Ragnarok mod (comes with original Ragnarok mission)

-If/Arma conversion

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