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The Assassination Of Captain Shostakov Coop added

Posted by Gunter Severloh on December 14, 2013 at 11:20 PM

The Assassination Of Captain Shostakov

By Grub


The Assassination Of Captain Shostak





This is a MP mission for Operation Iron Front: Liberation 1944. It is a challenging mission where you and a friend need to infiltrate a heavily secured town

assassinate an important Russian Officer. You will need to choose who completes which objective. 1) Set up satchel charges on Russian tanks to create a possible diversion.

2) Assassinate Captian Shostakov. As you will be splitting up at this point, you need to choose a rendezvous point. After the Captain is eliminated you will need to move very

quietly and quickly to that meet point. Then, get the hell out of there.






- The briefing is non existent


- Thus there are no objective markers. You will need to use the Way-Points and mission text provided. (more realistic lol.....it's WWII ffs)


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