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Attention Iron Front Fans!
The Mission Repository here is currently in the process of being rebuilt on the Iron Front Fan Forums.

The Iron Front Fan Forums seen here ----> LINK is now owned and run myself (Gunter Severloh) I have a section there for the MR, so all files, and pages will be recreated on the forums.

    Once the Move/transfer is complete the MR website's subscription here will end April 30th, 2019 and i will not be renewing it, it costs me $20+/month to maintain, whereas the forum will only cost me $5/month to run.

              In a way i do not wish to quit the site but adding missions, pages, and just working on the site overall is a headache sometimes and takes me to much time to do, plus im out of storage space, with the forum its way simpler, and quicker. 

      I hope to maintain the look and format as best i can but forum structure and code will dictate otherwise, either way the community's files will remain intact and available, i will still be keeping Iron front alive for those fans out there so dont worry, this will include:

      Iron Front: Liberation 1944, IFA2, and IFA3!

     Any questions, or concerns you can contact me on the IF Fan forums linked above or you can send me a message (pm) here on BIS forums where im at everyday.
     Cheers! Gunter.

                                                                                                                      Est October 2012

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