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a  Co-op Mission Series for Iron Front: Liberation 1944

Join Ranks for the toughest Battle on the Iron Front in Major Mayhems Sturmtrooper Series
                    - Recommended for all tankers and hardcore WWII fans alike -



Download & Installation

Extract the .IFA file(s) to your C:\Program Files\IronFront - Liberation 1944\mpmissions folder.
Note: Click on the title to download a mission
Note2: Each mission can be played individually

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01. Dusk To Dawn
02. Break The Line
03. Wrecking Crew
04. Longest Hour
05. Hornets Nest
06. Osowka Pass
07. Day Breakers
08. Pushing Iron
09. Wrecking Crew II
10. 13 Kilometers
11. Fields Of Glory

12. Northern Operations
13. Tigers Blood
14. Kings Reign
15. Eviction
16. Danger Close
17. Moon Over Staszow
18. Dead Man March
19. Red Rain
20. The Lost Patrol
21. Storm Front
22. The Rescue