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Iron Front Mod for Arma3 - Installation & setup

Iron Front in Arma 3 Play withSIX installation setup guide can be found here:

Gunter's Iron Front Fan Forums IFA3 Installation Tutorial ------> LINK

Gunter's IFA3 Installation Tutorial

1. Meet the Requirements
IFA3 (Iron Front in Arma3) requires Arma3, and Iron front patched to v1.05

Make sure you have vanilla Iron front patched to v1.05
you will need these only if your vanilla IF is not v1.05 already.

  • patch 1.03
  • patch 1.04
  • patch 1.05

If your vanilla IF is not v1.05 (see lower right on menu of the game while ingame to confirm).
If your vanilla IF is not v1.05 then download from the links accordingly:

DISC means you have an actual physical copy of Iron front.
ESD means you have the digital download version of IF like steam or another online game store.

Please use the correct version patch or you will have problems.

Note: If you bought Iron front on steam, it will already be patched to v1.05, but be sure to confirm ingame
on the menu that it says Iron Front v1.05 & v1.65 (game engine version).
2. Convert your Vanilla Iron Front to a mod
Convert your Iron front to a mod, you can do this by downloading the following tool:
LINK----->  Iron Front Conversion Tool

Note: As alternative you can use the Create Iron Front in Arma 3 - Automated.bat batch file from the files section or the Create Iron Front in Arma 3 - Manual.bat, if you want to adjust the paths. You also need to install the latest DePbo, ExtractPbo and MakePbo from mikero's tool suite to be able to so.

If you are going to use the CONVERSION TOOL
1. Run the tool
2. Set the path for the Arma 2 location and Arma2OA location to your Arma3 directory (see picture)

3. Press Create IF Arma button (see picture) and wait for conversion to complete (completion time is about 8-10min)

1. Run the tool
2. set the path for Arma 2 Location and Arma2 OA Location to your A3 directory
3. Press Create IF Arma button and wait for conversion to complete (completion time is about 8-10min)

What is happening when the conversion tool is running?
what it is doing is copying your vanilla Iron Front files (game) and converting the .IFA extension of each
file to .pbo so Arma3 can read the files as Arma3 can only read the .pbo

NOTE: Once the conversion is complete you should see a folder titled @IF and @LIB_DLC_1 in your Arma3 directory,
this is your Iron Front & DLC now as a mod!

3. Download & Install the following mods into your Arma3 directory

  • @CBA_A3---------------> @CBA_A3 (396kb)
  • @LIB_DLC_1_lite-----> @LIB_DLC_1_lite (169.5mb) (optional - this is not required if you have full version of DLC)
  • @IFA3SA ---------------> @IFA3SA (2.7gb)
  • @IFA3M-----------------> @IFA3m (531.0mb)
  • @IFA3-------------------> @IFA3 (31.9mb)

4. Mod Load order and game start
So now you should have the following mod files in your Arma3 directory:

  • @CBA_A3
  • @LIB_DLC_1
  • @IF
  • @IFA3SA
  • @IFA3M
  • @IFA3

To start the game with IFA3 you will need this exact load order:


the files above need to be in this order, you can use a desktop shortcut, or a launcher.

I personally use this to launch the game with IFA3.

5. Run Arma3 with IFA3 before patching
Before you go to step 6 and patch the mod, be sure to run Arma3 with the mod once.
Once you know its running, then go to step 6 below and patch the mod.

6. Patch the mod

Download the following Patches and install them in the following order:

Before running the patches move the patches to your arma3 directory and start them from there.
Install them in order, when you have one patch applied successfully then test the game to make sure its running ok,
and check the version on the bottom right of the menu, after the 1st patch is successful do the same for the last patch.
Patches for the DLC

7. Version Check
Once you have patched the mod start up the game with IFA3.
On the menu of the game when you are running IFA3, you should have 3 versions at the bottom right:

  • Iron Front A3 version: 1.12
  • Iron Front DLC version: 1.10
  • Iron Front version: 1.15


If you have what you see above then you have the latest and correct
versions of IFA3, DLC, and game version, your all set!