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Iron Front Mod for Arma2CO

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Information about the Iron front /Arma Conversion, what it is, who built it, whats it for can be
read here --> IF Fan Forums release thread
Download & Information
1. Download this----> Tool
It will convert your vanilla Iron front to a mod for Arma2CO, it will check your system to see if
you have a legitimate copy of arma2CO (arma2 +OA) and a copy of Iron front.
Problems? If your having issues with the Tool working or get an error
then post a reply with your issues/questions here
or Post on the official IF for Arma2CO Release thread here
2. The tool will make a copy of your iron front and format it so that the files will have the pbo extention
 on them enabling them to be read by arma2CO.

3. Once you start the Conversion process it will take about 3-5min, just let the program run.

4. Once the conversion process is complete the window that you see during the conversion process will
automatically close and you should see a new folder (mod) in your Arma2 directory titled @IF
 this will be the Iron front Mod. If you have the DLC it will be converted as well.
 Requirements to convert your vanilla Iron Front to a mod for Arma2CO
  • Iron Front vanilla patched to v1.05
Patch the Mod
Once the conversion is complete and you have confirmed it working as a mod in arma2CO
 then patch the mod,
get the patches below:
Patches for the Arma2CO Mod
  1. Download:
  2. IronFront_Arma2CO_Community Patch v1.05 - v1.12.exe
  3. Run the 1.12 full patch
  4. If you have the DLC also:
    1. IronFront_DLC_Arma2CO_CommunityPatch_1.00-1.07.exe-->  Digital   Steam
  5. Run the DLC 1.01 patch and DLC 1.07 full patch
 Start the game Launch info
  1. Download and Launch Iron Front with Arma 2 CO - Automated.bat from the files section
  2. Start the game with the batch file
Play withSIX install
  1. Download the latest version at http://withsix.com
  2. Launch the application
  3. Select games tab in the top left with a mouse click
  4. Select Arma 2 Combined Operations with a single click
  5. Activate it with a double click
  6. Enter in the top center search box "Iron Front"
  7. Select the "Iron Front - ARMA 2" ModSet with a single click
  8. Activate it with a double click
  9. Click the Launch Game button in the bottom left
    1. Confirm the installation by pressing the OK button
    2. It will patch Iron Front to 1.05 if necessary - this will take several minutes
    3. It will do the conversion process - this will take several minutes
    4. It will apply the community patches - you may have to confirm the patch install
    5. It will download/update all necessary mods (@CBA)
    6. Once finished it will automatically launch the game with the correct modline

If you have problems with the process, watch the 3 minute video tutorial.
If you run into problems with Play withSIX, contact support.