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Iron Front LITE version

Setup guide for Arma 2 CO LITE version
Official Guide:

Manual install
  1. Download Iron Front LITE 1.11 (745 MB)
    1. GameUpdates.org torrent
    2. Mega mirror
    3. GoogleDrive mirror
  2. Extract the three modfolders (@IF_lite, @IF_Other_Addons_lite, @LIB_DLC_1_lite) to your Arma 2 CO game folder
  3. Download CBA
  4. Extract the modfolder to your Arma 2 CO game folder
  5. Launch the game with the necessary modfolders:
Start-up info
  1. Download the Launch Iron Front LITE in Arma 2 CO - Automated.bat from the files section
  2. Start the game with the batch file

Play withSIX install
  1. Download the latest version at http://withsix.com
  2. Launch the application
  3. Select games tab in the top left with a mouse click
  4. Select Arma 2 Combined Operations with a single click
  5. Activate it with a double click
  6. Enter in the top center search box "Iron Front"
  7. Click right mouse button on the "Iron Front LITE - ARMA 2" Full Conversion item
  8. Select Create collection with mod
  9. Recommended: Also add "Iron Front LITE - Improved effects" and the DLC "Iron Front LITE - D-Day 1944"
    1. Use the search again in the top center to locate them
    2. Click right mouse button on the items
    3. Select Add to active collection
  10. Click the Launch Game button in the bottom left
    1. It will download/update all necessary mods (@CBA)
    2. Once finished it will automatically launch the game with the correct modline

If you have problems with the process, watch the 3 minute video tutorial.
If you run into problems with play withSIX, contact support please.