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MR News gets new Catagories

Posted by Gunter Severloh on August 28, 2014 at 1:15 AM

Hello IF Community!

Currently the MR News page catagory section is being updated and changed.

The new changes currently setup will list all news based on there respective catagories, which means that any new news for example of lets say a new singleplayer mission, then the news for that new mission will be found in the SP Missions Catagoriy.

The purpose of this is to allow anyone to look through past news posts for a given "subject" catagory and get the information they need, the catagory will help you locate missions or information better rather then having to sort through the entire missions catagory to find something related to missions.

Currently I am still updating each post under the missions catagory, each news post is getting a proper header that i always use based on the catagory for which it belongs. Also each news post is being set to its proper catagory.

When the sorting of the missions catagory is finished it will be deleted.

You can find the catagories on the MR News at the top right of the page.

All for now.

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